Friday, 14 January 2011

King Kong Beach and back to 35mm....

We all went to what we now  refer to as King Kong Beach (Dexter named it that and we love it) which is a place we had not been to in such a long time.  I had decided to try out using manual film again at the same time as doing digital.  These are some of the digital images I took, and what was lovely about having two types of cameras with me was that I could experiment and that is always fun.....

Light at the end of the horizon
Using our old Contax camera was really interesting having not picked up a 35mm for years and years and years! The thing about using 35mm is a bit like Forest Gump said "is like a box of chocolates" you don't know what the shot you have captured until it is processed!  Yes you know roughly what it is going to be, but until you have it in your hand and see (or in the chocolate case taste) it, you are not 100% sure about what it will be like but that also makes it so exciting.

Parting of the sea
I wanted to see the digital images before I develop the 35mm, because part of me wants to compare their differences.  I know you are not meant to say this about your own work as it can sound arrogant (and I really would hate to be seen as that because I am not) saying that I was so happy at the images I got from my Olympus with the different lenses I am using on it which I got for my birthday and Christmas.  The truth is however, I am.  The light was amazing that day, and there was so much for me to see and excusing the pun "focus" on!  

Kryptonite in the sand
I will share a lot more of the images that I captured, and the 35mm images too (if they are ok as the film too was rather old but I thought that too would add to the interest or maybe not as I will find out!).  Either way it was really an interesting lesson.  Taking 35mm images is different.  You have to be more measured about what you are taking, and also the camera itself handled differently (as all cameras do).  My lenses of course were also different on both cameras, and so that too makes a difference on what you get to capture, which too makes it fun, so in the end it will not be as simple as considering apples with apples because they are not.

I am genuinely so excited about rekindling my love of taking photographs.  I love the fact that we all love to do it as a family, maybe we are turning into the Von Trapp family with regards to this (ha, ha, ha).

Iceberg on the shore
 I hope you are enjoying seeing what I do too.

Have a lovely weekend, and I will have the 35mm developed this weekend (how exciting....or maybe not, time will tell....).   I feel like I have stepped back in time and to re connect with the old me!


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  1. beautiful photos. i look forward to seeing the film versions.

  2. Thank you Chrissy, I am so pleased that you thought this of them and I just hope the film ones turn out!

  3. Gorgeous and you are so brave to work with film again - I can't wait to see more.

  4. Jamie, maybe I am more of a romantic or wishful thinker! I am really curious to see what happens with the film as it has been playing in my mind for a couple of months to have a go!

  5. Beautiful photos. I like the first one most of all, it is very different.

  6. Film intimidates me. I did recently get an Instax camera though, so I'm playing with instant film, but- the real deal ...thats scary stuff.

    The pictures are gorgeous (as always always always).

  7. Bell and Tia, thank you so much for liking my photographs I am genuinely thrilled to hear that people enjoy looking at them, genuinely. The will post the colour versions too, even though they are the the same shot, colour makes them feel different.

    I genuinely don't know what the 35mm prints will turn out like, in part because the film also is old, but I do want to experiment with it too.