Monday, 10 January 2011

Building foundations

Dexter was using the Kapla blocks and constructed this huge building from his imagination, I thought it was impressive.  He has also started his own blog too Dexter's Photo Lab which is another form of building on his creativity and what he learns from me and his Dad.

Kapla blocks are so simple, just strips of pine, all exactly the same size and shape it is just up to your imagination and creative eye of what you use them to make.  

He constructed a huge mansion with what seemed like lots and lots of rooms.  Rooms each with a purpose, some stand alone, some connecting, three main ones.  Maybe there is one tower representing Anders, one me and him in the middle?!

 Space to learn, space to grow, space to play space to do nothing.  We all have wonderful ways we each use it, and have a vision of.
It makes me happy to see Dexter use his brain and explore possibilities and have joy and satisfaction in  doing it effortlessly and enthusiastically much the same as any parent who loves their child unconditionally.


  1. Wow - if only more kids would spend time doing things like this - instead of playing video games.

  2. We are really lucky with Dexter, he is interested in so many things including sports and the outdoors in addition to liking the same stuff that we do. He also loves board games .... oh, I could just gush and gush and gush (ha, ha, ha). Kapla is great though.

  3. Great post. The building does look quite detailed and extravagant. I love the photos too!

  4. so creative. keep it up dexter!

  5. That is insane! What a genius - I would never be able to come up with something like that.