Thursday, 10 February 2011

The Barras, full of .....

I call this look "Ice"
The Barras, are a strange place.  Yes it is run down and dirty, but it is also full of life and great finds.  On a cold day, (which it was), you can get a great bacon buttie (roll/sandwich) or fried egg roll and cup of tea.  This is what these men where doing (as were Dexter and I whilst Anders was having a look about some of the the brick-a-brac stores).  
Anyone for a bacon buttie?
It is a place where people are looking to find something

What's in store?
It is a place where you can find treasures or junk, a bit of this and that, wheeling and dealing, ducking and diving.  You don't make a pearl after all without some grit, and this place has both if you look for it.

Looking for ....
That said, it is also a place where you have to be street wise as many a person I am sure had been "had" here in one form or other.   That would leave you feeling cold that's for sure! 

Hung out and left


  1. I love how you can notice things that passerby's would not. These are really good! Your posts always peak my intersts.

  2. I love those hanging action figures, makes me wonder who hung them up and why - your photos are great at making us stop and wonder

  3. Every day things are so fascinating!