Thursday, 17 February 2011

Introducing my new babies.....

Me and my new Rolleiflex have taken our first pictures together! These are a few of the first medium format babies we made together, so shhh, and be very gentle with this Mummy's feelings ;-) nobody likes to be told their offspring are ugly (ha, ha, ha).  I have always had a huge affection for film, but had forgotten how much love I really did have for it - never again - this love is for keeps!

Rock Star


Half of Bill


I am now on my third spool of film (second is not developed yet), and have gotten to grips with it. Practice will make perfect, and it is definitely very different from anything else (even 35mm) I have ever used before or imagined using, but now that I am getting the hang of it, I love it.

Just to finish, here are three photos that I took on my old Halina-Viceroy too.  I used colour medium format film in this camera but it is basically a pinhole box camera made to look like a Rolleiflex.   Using this camera took me back in time to imagining how it might have been used and who might have used it (might do something with that thought specifically in mind another day) 

The one of Dexter came out in such a way that his face looked as though it had been hand painted in the way old Japanese photographs used to be.  So whilst this might not be a usual flashback, for me it is a flashback to creating something the way they used to but with my own twist!
Painted doll

3 in 1


  1. Wow! That tightrope photo is incredible!

  2. wow, those are really great! seriously. Love the first one a LOT. I have missed reading your blog the past few months!

  3. Thank you so much ladies, it is so good to see you back again Krissi, I have missed you too. Both of us announcing babies eh ;-)! Congratulations

  4. This is such an interesting selection of photos, good luck with the Rolleiflex, it looks tricky but the images are really cool.

    Have a lovely weekend,

  5. This is ridiculously exciting!

  6. Beautiful and fun. I was smiling the whole way through.

  7. these are great. i love that you are doing this with film.