Friday, 4 February 2011

Moonwalks, landings and Basquiat thoughts

The night sky is so lovely, it changes the landscape so dramatically and in this series of photographs (which I took whilst walking Carly and Marvin with Anders and Dexter) made me think of moonwalks and landings and the freedom of expression that you must experience there with zero gravity.  

Then back to earth which I have found can stir the imagination enough!

As some of you might know if you have been following me, my muse for this month is Jean-Michel Basquiat.  Since starting my homage to Basquiat on only February 1st, I cannot get him out of my head.  I am now dreaming of him.  I woke up last night with my mind buzzing with ideas, literally buzzing because (can you believe) I felt like I was having a conversation with him and Warhol in my dream/head about what I could do next to pay homage to him.  It was mainly Basquiat, but Warhol felt like he had to add his ideas to the mix too.  I woke up so excited at the ideas that were going round in my head, but given it was the wee small hours, I resisted the temptation and went back to sleep.  What this dream did do however was join a few dots.  You see, to really pay homage, I have to see if I can create something that is not a homage copy to what he has already done!  Yep, I need to still do that to really understand it, but I also need to see if I can really pay homage by going beyond that.  So I have written the ideas down which went through my dream, and I will see if they work out.  In the meantime, I will leave you with another homage to him which I did before this dream experience!!!  

Homage to Basquiat's untitled piece which given it is a homage I have call mine
Pen to Basquiat
Jean-Michel Basquiat untitled
I hope you don't all think I am going mad....

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  1. Only time will tell if you are or not.

  2. Thanks for the comments.

    Abraham Lincoln, I am sure time will tell if I am going mad ;-0 - and now I think about it I am replying to Abe Lincoln - mad I tell ye, mad as a hatter!

  3. Those photos are wonderful - so full of movement.

  4. Love the photo series and I'm jealous of your dream. If I'm asleep long enough lately, I never remember my dreams and they certainly aren't creative and motivating if I do! Thanks for linking to GMYBPSF this week!

  5. Ladyfi and Cecily R, thank you so much for your really lovely comments. I really did love my dream as it was rather funny and inspiring. Have not had a dream quite like it before.

  6. Brilliant!! I love when I have inspiring dreams like that...was a gift!
    It thrills me to pieces that you are loving these inspirations. You are doing such a great interpretation!

  7. Anika, I genuinely have to say thank you again for coming up with these "extras" as I am loving it. Basquiat, well I love his work, and I would never have thought about trying to him as a muse (or any of the others you January being Imogen Cunningham, and the others you have suggested for each month of the year), but it is fantastic. Basquiat is so completely different to Imogen Cunningham and I hope that I do him justice. My dream was right, it is fine initially trying to replicate what he has done, but you have to go beyond that and find your own identity within that. Hope this is something that I achieve.