Friday, 25 February 2011


Change is all around just now, yet things are also still the same.

The sky was a beautiful shade of grey with bursts of light reflecting through the cloud matter calling as though to warn of rain but reassure that after there will be sunshine. It is the sort of day where you usually find beautiful rainbows, bursting with vibrant colour.

The bare and twisted branches of the trees I think are really pretty which you don't notice when they are covered in leaves.

They have been around for years, not maybe as long as the houses that line the riverbank which were built in the 1800 and is where Anders and I first lived together in a lovely flat which he and my step father lovingly restored together for Anders and I to move into just before we got married.  

We have long since moved out of that first flat, but they still stand strong, and despite the change, they remain the same, like the trees, and the river that flow past they are a constant and a reminder that life goes on.

There are now snowdrops along the riverbank. They are the first sign of spring, but also according to some people symbolise death. In a way I can see that, the end of winter. 

Snowdrops also symbolise purity and hope in the language of flowers, although are thought to be unlucky to bring indoors, tempting though they might appear.

My step-father seems to be getting a lot worse, and it is not unexpected as he is in his 80's, has many things wrong with him in addition to having dementia. He is dazed and confused and this saddens me and I know he needs to be in a home with people who will look after him and give him the care he needs 24/7, but his real kids don't want to accept that. Change however is coming, and yet some things will also stay the same.

Skywatch Friday


  1. Sorry to hear about your stepfather...

    These photos are wonderful -can't believe you already have delicious snowdrops!

  2. Thanks for sharing such lovely photos! We have still a lot of snow over here in Sweden and spring feels far, far away.
    I am sorry to hear about your step-father... =(

  3. beautiful photos. I especially love the B & W shots.

    Sorry about your stepfather.

  4. Beautiful shots with a sentimental story.
    I hope your Step-father gets the help he need. MB

  5. Lovely photos! I am also sorry to hear about your step-father.

  6. What moody shots of those trees.

    I love that snow drops are blooming in your world while in mine snow is falling.

  7. Wow, those tree shots are beautiful.

    So sorry to hear about your stepfather.