Sunday, 27 February 2011

Winter turns to spring and everything suddenly changes!

On grey and rainy day you use an umbrella!

and maybe have a coffee in a coffee shop and watch life as it walks by in front of you!

Greener on the other side of life
It was cold outside but the sky was reflected in the counter!


Everyday life as it walks on by, each frame with a different tale attached


The thing with the Rolleiflex (I found from the first spool I took below) is you need to keep it steady, but when you are first getting used to it that can be tricky!  That said, this was of a ships porthole and I thought getting a shot where it looked like double vision was a bit like a drunken sailor!

Drunken Sailor
Then there is still life

 or still life with people!

Carly and Dexter the cat, are they life or furry?

Then spring came back in full force!

the sky change from grey to bright blue

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Prompts were sky, life, blurred, everyday and furry


    1. I really like your street-shots. It was the first time I tried capturing a person myself, too, and only this week when I tried it I realised how difficult that is :)

    2. Always an interestng post! I love the shots of the trees blooming and what a great rainbow!

    3. Enjoyed your street shots and the spring photos are beautiful.

    4. Love you umbrella shot! I also love the Rolliflex double shot-don't you just love those happy accidents photography sometimes offers?!

    5. You always do such a nice job of writing the story to blend the pictures. It all works beautifully together.

    6. fantastic photos.
      i love the 'drunken sailor' shot