Sunday, 27 February 2011

Street Life...

Street photography is definitely an art, and one really hard to do for so many reasons, but the sun was shining and Dexter, Anders and I took Marvin and Carly for a walk through the city centre as Anders was keen to do this so.... 

 let the catwalk begin....

Makes me think of Roxy Music!

and turn
Indie wouldn't talk so they brought in ....
Ze Specialist!
Elves walk among us
Time traveller from the 80's

Village Idiot gets into my shot!

Unknown Mami




  1. This is a fun way to take in the sights. Thanks.
    Happy SIMC, jj

  2. street photography is one of my favorites, and you've done it well here. great shots!

  3. Well, this was our last Monday for Love Songs which was our theme all month, but you know to each his own taste, right! If you think it's a love song so be it. I thought it was fun! It would look nice if those pics were a video with that song in the background. lol Have a great day & thanks for playing along. Following you!

  4. Interesting capture of expressions on the street! Terrific variety!

  5. Fun photos! I always want to join in the Sunday in My City meme, but I get sidetracked and forget to do it. Thankfully, there's always another Sunday and another week to go for it.

    Love Roxy Music! I haven't heard this song in AGES! So fun and a great match for your photos!

  6. All your street shots (and especially the captions) are priceless!

    Love that Roxy song! :)

    Love Fest - MMMM

  7. Oh such fun! I love life in shots.

    I haven't heard this song before. Love finding new songs.

    Glad you played with us today. :)

  8. Oh what fun shots! You're brave!