Wednesday, 16 February 2011

The force is strong in this one...

Nikon SP Rangefinder
This is a picture of the camera my husband Anders uses that Dexter drew.  It is a fantastic drawing we think.

We said that to improve his drawing even more he should do still life drawings too.  We love his drawings and  think that the force is strong in this one!  There is also however another thing that I found took on a life of it's own......

It started when Anders bought a thick cup of hot chocolate to share in the car (very loving isn't it).  Instead of drinking it however we both decided it would be funny to dunk our fingers into the cup and to eat it that way as it was so thick (thick and yummy), and chocolate finger was born!  Here is what the chocolate finger started to do......
Chocolate finger points at Anders who tries to avoid looking in disgust!
Chocolate finger points out traffic wardens, it doesn't like them!
Chocolate Finger points to the sky
Chocolate finger points random people about to pass the First Minister's Scottish residence.

Chocolate finger points out a random stranger
Chocolate finger points the way to go in the car
Chocolate finger doesn't thankfully however say "pull me", that would be rude!

the long road


  1. That is an awesome drawing! Chocolate finger is too funny!!

  2. as usual, unique photos and a unique post. love that chocolate finger!

  3. What a great drawing. He did a wonderful job! Lol Chocolate finger.

  4. Both Dexter and Chocolate Finger are flattered ;-)

  5. Haha so cute! Great photos! It looks you used the same iPhone app that I have!

  6. I'm so laughing!

    Speaking of the Force - you have to see this advert currently playing in the US:

  7. I am so glad you liked this, and thanks for sharing the advert Jamie, liked it ;-)