Monday, 7 February 2011

Basquiat Perspective and fallen down tree

Charlie Anderson
Trying to take a personal take or perspective with inspiration from Jean-Michel Basquiat. 

Call Girl
Thinking about perspective, we all take different things out of words, images, conversations and it made me think of the Lou Reed song "New York Telephone Conversation" which always makes me smile when I hear it.

Still on the subject of perspective but looking at it differently I saw a tree that had fallen down as a result of the very strong winds we had the other day.  I have never seen a tree of this age and size fall down like this exposing all the roots, and clearly either had other people as it was causing quite a topic of conversation.

This week the prompt was perspective over at The Sunday Creative



  1. Whoa!! Isn't nature amazing?!

  2. That poor tree! But you got some great shots of it.

  3. It was quite something to see, and I am glad that nobody got hurt with it. It is a shame to see it all fallen over and dead, wonder all the things it has seen in its life?

  4. Great interpretations!!! Thank you so much for sharing!