Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Homage to Basquiat's Dextrose and Loin both from 1982

Ok, trying to do a photographic homage to Basquiat is hard, and so humour me in my attempts.  The following 2 came to me in a flash of inspiration last night as I was cooking dinner and yes, I am having a laugh whilst doing it!  So first up is my homage to the painting Dextrose:

Dextrose or in my case granulated sugar

Dextrose Meaning and Definition from Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

    Dextrose \Dex"trose`\, n. [See Dexter.] (Chem.) A sirupy, or white crystalline, variety of sugar,C6H12O6 (so called from turning the plane of polarization to the right), occurring in many ripe fruits. Dextrose and levulose are obtained by the inversion of cane sugar or sucrose, and hence called invert sugar. Dextrose is chiefly obtained by the action of heat and acids on starch, and hence called also starch sugar. It is also formed from starchy food by the action of the amylolytic ferments of saliva and pancreatic juice.
 Here is a picture of the original painting which Jean-Michel Basquiat did in 1982

Dextrose.  1982  Jean-Michel Basquiat

....and just because I thought this next picture would add the syrupy sweetness, here is Dexter holding a plastic rose, hence Dextrose!  Yep, I called him through as I was in the kitchen and asked him to pose with the rose.

Dexter with plastic rose

Now onto Loin.  First up, here is a picture of the original painting he did also in 1982

Loin. 1982 by Jean-Michel Basquiat
and here is my interpretation which came to me as I was making dinner last night which turned out to be really yummy even if I do say so!  Amazing what you can do with a left over christmas cracker, cookie cutter, kitchen roll and a bit of a plastic rose.  They are lying on unused dog poo pick up bags which I just happened to have in my pocket!

Lastly, if you missed my original homage to him yesterday, here it is:

Homage to Jean-Michel Basquiat; (Portrait of Andy Warhol as a Banana)

Brown Spots, (Portrait of Andy Warhol as a Banana) 1984

Jean-Michel Basquiat is my muse for February

I do hope he isn't turning in his grave at my attempts or the thought of being my muse for February.

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  1. Your creativity blows me away!

  2. Jamie, that is so so nice of you to pay me such a huge compliment. I am genuinely so flattered that you think that, thank you so so much.

  3. What a playful interpretation! I think he'd find it amusing and like it... I love that movie...Bowie as Warhol is so great!

  4. Thank you Mommy2Four I am glad you liked it.

    Anika. I remember watching that film when it came out, I loved it too. I am glad you find it a playful interpretation and I hope you are right that he would laugh at it. I am laughing whilst thinking up what I can do with them. I am on a bit of a roll with them, because I love his work and because I am having such fun doing it. Once again, thanks for coming up with the extra inspirations, I am loving them, really loving them.

  5. I think you might be the most creative girl on the planet : ) Love this. I laughed out loud about the banana : )

  6. Thank you Becky, that maybe true for the part of the planet within the boundaries of my home as the only other female here is Carly my dog. I am very flattered by your comment and glad it made you laugh.