Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Glasgow Gangs and Philliy....

We were in Glasgow on Saturday on a spur of the moment decision to go to The Barras! It is quite a place, you can buy probably anything and everything there if you know where to look or who to ask.  It is a place full of character and full of characters.  This chap was called Stan I think!  He and his pal spoke really quickly and I could hardly make out what they were saying at times.  I do however remember him saying to make sure I put his initials after him as they were the most important thing to remember, R.O.A (rip off artist)!  His pal however said as I was taking the picture of someone who was "more like rip off a..hole" to which they both laughed at! 

His pal clearly feeling on a roll with the banter then said "whit are ya taking his photie fir?  Are yah no worried aboot breakin yer camera"? to which they both burst out laughing and gave me a wink!  I love Glasgow, you don't get this banter in Edinburgh nearly as often as you do in Glasgow.

Ya got me! 
Whilst going around The Barras I took a whole bunch of photographs, including this one of this young guy below (too many to do on one post so I have limited it to 3 people I met).  This young guy was standing with his Father who was deep in discussions on his mobile.  They were such an interesting pair I wanted to photograph them together, but the Father was clear he didn't want his "photie taken but I could photiegraph the wee yin" and the wee yin duly did what he was told and allowed me to take his photograph.  I was happy enough at that as the "wee yin" too was such an interesting looking guy, tall, skinny and with a face that clearly had a lot to tell.  I didn't ask their names, as this was not appropriate and we were all happy with the good deed transaction that took place, me with my camera, and them standing on the corner as they had been doing without me interacting really with them other than with my lens and we parted with a "thanks a lot" and a wave.  It was actually really pleasant and I am genuinely grateful to them for allowing me to capture a moment.

Different generations, different strokes and reasons for being there, business.


Before we headed off home we stopped for dinner in a bar/restaurant at the other side of town which had a jazz band playing.  As we sat there listening to what turned out to be the last song of the night before the sound system kicked in, I noticed Pilliy because she was quite striking in appearance, all dolled up to the nines, but also because she was really quite larger than life in personality!

Pilliy was all "dolled up" in pearls, a modern style take on a flapper dress and fur coat and chatting and laughing away with 3 older men at the table just behind us.  In some ways I thought she was trying to be like someone from Harlem from the 30's and she clearly loved jazz. I was facing them so could see her laughing, chatting and swaying to the music, but really I spotted her because she really was striking in her appearance.  So, yes you guessed it, I asked if I could take her photograph, to which she obliged saying "Who me, ha, ha, ha, ha.  Why me, oh my word, why you want to take a picture of me, oh, ha, ha, ha" - clearly she was flattered and acting a little coquettish!  

Anyway, I tried to take the photograph, but she kept on moving, continuously.  As I snapped about 5, she said "how many are you taking"?  I said laughing, "well you just keep moving and blinking and I want to get a good one"! She just couldn't stay still, but I think I managed to capture her anyway, and when I showed her them she thought I had too.  It was hard work though!

The thing that confused me about Philliy however was she said her name was Pilliy, yet the men kept referring to her as Sandra, and once I went away to sit back with Anders and Dexter we could hear her saying to the men she was with "why do people always want to take my picture".....  She was quite a character, and one of a few I captured on our day trip to Glasgow!


  1. Sooo funny that moving lady :).

  2. these are fun shots. i love how you captured these moments.

  3. Glad you like these pictures and thanks for letting me know, I do appreciate it a lot.

  4. She is very beautiful : ) and so is ROA : ) That made me smile and smile. I love little old men. They always make me laugh.

  5. That's interesting...I love all the shots really. A great way to capture the world.

  6. People are so interesting when you take the time to watch and talk with them. Great post!

  7. You are so brave! I'm never courageous enough to ask strangers to get their photos!