Sunday, 6 February 2011

Basquiat inspired scavenger hunt

Famous quote from Jean-Michel Basquiat:
"I start a picture and I finish it.  I don't think about art while I work.  I try to think about life"

I don't think about art either while I take photographs.  I try to think about life too, and with that, some of you who have been following me regularly might know that this month my muse (and in doing so he is my creative inspiration for the month) is the famous artist Jean-Michel Basquiat. The other day I mentioned that I had a dream Basquiat and Andy Warhol dream! and after it I came away with the fact that to pay homage to him I really needed to also try to create something new in his style.   This is one of the photographs that I came up with yesterday:

The Chase
The above is just one of the images that I created from things that I saw whilst going for a walk and seeing life which I might otherwise not have done had I not had him as my inspiration for the month!   

trompe l'oeil

Basilisk stare

The shadow
I love the magnifying glass on my old Kodak Duaflex, it reminds me of the old 1950's TV screens.  The camera needs fixing to get film to work through it, but I still like the pictures you see through the window and not the lens.

Walk like an Egyptian
The best window of all though is the one I carry about with me everywhere.

Prisoners of the eye
I love the changing reflective colours of the sea and the way the waves ebb and flow

Big blue

Anika set a challenge at ACoLab.  Her challenge was to go to Page 25 of a magazine and let it provide inspiration!  She did say it could literally be page 25 or to use whatever was on that page to inspire.  I have mainly been reading books, and every magazine I flicked through for some reason featured a full page advert on page 25!  I didn't find the adverts inspiring that I came across so I decided to make my own adverts instead!

Cherry Pop

Call Girl
So easy a robot could make it.

Basquiat is my muse for February and I am loving it.

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Prompt words were: Activity, Water, Quote, Window and Page 25 of a magazine.
Hope you can see which photograph fits each prompt!

This is what I and my family get up to!

Unknown Mami
Ni Hao Yall


    1. Strikingly original photographs, very artistic!

    2. I love your interpretation for Window! You always do come up with creative ones. :)

    3. You've been very productive, great works!
      Have a good week ahead!

    4. Prisoners of the Eye is amazing.

    5. Very nice shots! LOVE the eyeball one! It's so important to find your muse! I'm glad you have.

    6. Prisoners of the eye is very cool! I agree with it being the window for everywhere :)

    7. I love these pictures....I'm having a hard time thinking outside the box...really love your inspiration. Have a wonderful Sunday!

    8. So creative!! I love it! That shot into the duoflex and the eye are my faves. Im off to read about your dream! How could I miss that??
      PS-ACoLab post is up, can you believe it?

    9. Very creative. I love the ones of Dexter and the masks.

    10. So creative! Isnt it strange that every pg 25 had an ad? Who knew there were 'rules' like that!

    11. Just wonderful -- I especially love the reflection in the eye and Sparkle. You truly seem inspired!


    12. Your photographs are art. Very interesting to look at!

    13. You are all extremely kind with what the comments you have left, thank you so much, I am really very flattered by them.

    14. So creative!! Love the eye shot :)

    15. Fantastic images. I'll be watching your February images, you're off to a great start.
      Cheers, jj

    16. You are all really kind by leaving me such nice comments, I am sincerely flattered.

    17. Very cool! The masks are really very interesting and your own ads were just great!

    18. These are so cool! I love Basquiat.

    19. Again, thank you so much for leaving me kind comments Mama Zen, Lisa and Mommy2Four. Mama Zen I am glad to hear that you love Basquiat too, and the fact that you do and you like these I hope means I am paying homage to him well! Thank you all once again for your kind comments and hope you pop by again sometime soon.

    20. Very cool. You're definitely taking your photography into a very artsy realm.

    21. This was a friggin' awesome post. I loved all of the images. ALL OF THEM.

    22. I am very flattered qandlequeen and Unknown Mami by what you have written. Thank you so much.