Sunday, 13 February 2011

Self portraits whilst at the hairdresser

I got my hair done this week, and whilst at the hairdressers, I started to play about with my camera, (there's a surprise) and thought, why not photograph my whole visit in shadows and bright white!  

Happy to get my mop sorted
crazy woman
The halo is used to speed up the strength of the colour process apparently!

My Andy Warhol impression, just before the foils come off 
Wet and cut
Serious flicking! 
Herr Flick
Now would you like to see some of the interesting things I observed whilst at the hairdressers whilst waiting for my toner to be washed off?

Severed head being cleaned!
The wraps that this woman got on her head are pretty strong as they get cleaned and re-used.  My hairdresser however prefers using foil wraps, they just get binned once they have been used.

Flaps coming out 
V for very bleach blond highlights
and then I just looked at the ceiling and walls

Ceiling lights

Bird reflected in the light
Shapes make patterns make pictures
Maybe you would prefer to see how it all looked in the warmth of colour?

An angel in the making!


Musing "Why doesn't she doesn't have a halo"!
Will my hair turn purple? 
Shampoo or guillotine?

I do actually like the purple hair this girl has, and some of the girls have theirs dyed red which is really nice too.  They kind of remind me of Japanese Manga characters.  
Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Prompts this week were shadows, patterns/repetition, bright white, strong and warmth.


    1. LOL I've never thought to take photos while I was getting my hair done...actually I pulled out my cell phone just last week but your photos are way better.

    2. Hihi this was fun and the
      Happy Valentine's Day!

    3. Ashley, Jane and Anika, you all flatter me and that is very kind of you all. I really appreciate it and Happy Valentines' Day to you all too. Hugs and Kisses.

    4. What fun shots!! Your hair turned out FAB btw :)

    5. ROFLMAO... OMG hilarious. I love it. Hmmm maybe I'll freak out my Germany hairstylist and snap shots next week. ;) I do love your hair!!

    6. :)) this is so funny! great idea to take the photos! I love hte one with you hair turning purple! :)
      Btw I am new to your blog so I just wanted to say Hi.