Sunday, 27 February 2011

Bedtime rituals....

Dexter and I have a bedtime ritual which we do every night and he takes it very seriously! It all started out of saying (yep, like the Walton family if you are old enough to remember, or with the re-runs (echem, echem) in my case!!!) "Goodnight Dexter love you with all my heart" and him saying it back to me or vice versa!

This bedtime ritual has now become a game!  The "I love you" ritual moved on a pace, to me saying "I love you to infinity and beyond times infinity and beyond" to which Dexter would shout "rip" or "new chapter" or "rub" (we say that but in the US you will say erase!), or "new series", before getting to the end because it meant he could start saying it to me and beating me to the end so as to prove that he loved me the most!  His bedtime ritual is spent with us competing who is going to get to the end of the "I love you" statement first and therefore be the one who loves the other the most!

As you can imagine, it can also involve thinking of distractions too, like me giving him pumpy kisses on his tummy, or tickling him, or giving kisses on his neck which he finds really funny too and we have such a giggle doing this. All of the excitement and energy which goes on is like a last minute blast of energy which results in him being really happy and enjoying one big cuddle before the sandman comes along.  He goes to sleep knowing he is one very loved little boy by both me and his Daddy and that is something that I want him always to know.

Dexter however is one sharp young boy, clearly he had been thinking about this and the other day, he found a way to top this. He said he loved me from before he was born and when he was still in heaven waiting to be born and before I even met Daddy or the dinosaurs roamed the earth!  That would take some topping!


  1. Great ritual that you will both remember forever.

  2. I love the last blurry photo - it looks like he has angel wings!

  3. A very sweet description of a ritual! Thanks for sharing...

  4. What a great rituals and love the photographs.


  5. Hahehehe, very sweet...I think he did top you.

  6. What a beautiful ritual! Your boy seems to have a very sweet soul! My girls have started to say that they 'love me as God loves us" how can I top that???