Thursday, 20 May 2010

Anders has had a great new haircut

Oh, I do love my Anders, I think he is just so handsome, and with his new haircut I think looks a bit like Simon Baker! Gosh I am a lucky girl, yum, yum and I still think that after 21 years together!!! Anders I know is now cringing.......

Only difference however, it is he that is married to the Mentalist (me that is)!!!


  1. He is rugged and hot! You got yourself a good looking man to love on!

  2. very handsome - I like his new haircut!

  3. He will be so flattered, a thank you both for your comments, I will enjoy making him blush.

    I am a very lucky lady to have this hunky husband who is also very very funny. I sometimes find it hard to believe we have been married 19 years this year - must have done something right to have caught this one!