Saturday, 15 May 2010

Chum me along the road for some shopping.....

Well today, I am going to take you on a wee stroll in our neighbourhood. After going to the gym this morning, I did my usual Saturday trip in Stockbridge, let me introduce you to a couple of our great wee shops:-
First stop, the butchers:
This is George Bower the butchers, and it has been in existence since the early 1900's. It is fantastic, there is always good banter there and the meats are unbelievably good - they specialise in game, but you everything you get from there is always of great quality.

This is the son who has started to run the business full time since his father retired (although he does still come in now and again and he is very very funny and always gives his customers cheek (and not the meat kind!)). And this is the son's lovely wife....

Now we are off to the Dry Cleaners:-

This is Joyce and she is just lovely, always has a smile to greet you when you go in.
She is getting married soon, and her wedding dress belonged to Jean Harlow and is just beautiful. It was in need of repair when she got it, and I did it for her as she couldn't find anyone to restore it for her which I thought was such a shame. We both love vintage clothes so for me it was something I was very happy to do as it was such a beautiful dress.

After this, I went to the park to get Andrew, Dexter & the dogs as they had Marvin & Carly had a walk whilst I did the errands I needed. Whilst strolling to the park I went past the Duck Pond:

Clearly, their encounter earlier in the week with Marvin, Dexter and Carly had not harmed them. Funnily enough, Anders had been there with them on Friday, and he said there were lots of dogs round the duck pond off leash - the Swans are not bothered by dogs, good thing really living in the middle of a park and city centre!
And here is my fridge and cupboard filled with the food that I got from the butchers today, and also last night from Sainsbury's. Sainsbury's was really not a great supermarket to go to, Waitrose is a much more pleasant shopping experience, however it served it's purpose and my cupboards are full!

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