Saturday, 29 May 2010

Marvin & Carly meet their sister....

Above: Carly in the back, Marvin on the left and Seren on the right

Well this was a real surprise, we met Seren, Marvin & Carly's sister from the same litter! We knew she lived near us, but ever since we brought Marvin & Carly home, we have never met any of their other sibblings (there were 8 in the litter).

She was at the beach (in the middle below), and also turned 1 on Thursday.......
She is so similar to Carly, just slightly lighter in colour, and below she is playing with Marvin
Don't know if they recognised each other as they have not seen each other since they left their litter in August 2009 - they got on so well together though - so a belated birthday play on the beach - fantastic!
Marvin & Seren above, Seren is in front.

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  1. These pictures are fantastic! They show the very essence of what being a dog is all about!

    xo Erin