Tuesday, 11 May 2010

A walk in Fife

After a night of high heels and a concert at the Usher Hall with Jamie Cullum and before Dexter's kickboxing tournament on Sunday morning, we took Carly & Marvin for what turned out to be a really beautiful walk in Fife. I have also written under two separate blogs about the concert and Dexters big fight!

The walk started the usual route which is through a not very nice housing estate, however because the weather is now nice and we had allowed for some time to take the dogs for a walk, we went turned off at the bottom. Imagine our surprise when we found this open field with the views of both the Forth Road Bridges & the Forth Rail Bridges. One of the many nice things about having Marvin & Carly is that you get to find these lovely walks, and beautiful places that you might otherwise never have known existed....

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