Sunday, 9 May 2010

Ultra high shoes & Jamie Cullum Usher Hall, Edinburgh - the best!

Went to see Jamie Cullum with Anders & Dexter at the Usher Hall on Saturday, he was fantastic, the concert was just brilliant.

The support act was also really good, Eliza Dolittle. Dexter thought she was really pretty and liked her a lot - he clearly has good taste. This is her blog page:

I got to wear my very high shoes that I have not worn for a while!!

Jamie really works hard to make the concert one to remember and it was really great. At one point he even took all the musicians into the audience and sang "Cry me a River" in the isle.

We were in the Grand Circle, and at one point during this song the words are "now you say you love me" and to me it seemed the perfect point to say "we love you" because the whole audience were on there feet and having such a great time! And yes, I said this - however - given the acoustics of the Usher Hall, my voice was in stereo and basically filled the whole auditorium at which point the whole place erupted with laughter, including Jamie!

I hadn't realised my voice was going to carry as much as it did, and it almost sounded as though I was singing it back to him - help! Dexter was so embarrassed but in essence it was actually more funny than anything else - thankfully!!!!!
Here is Jamie Cullum singing it in the Usher Hall, and you will hear for yourself. I got it from youtube "cry me a river" in the audience like he did, so take a look and then imagine!!!

It is at exactly 5.58 minutes into the set, just after the drum solo!

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