Tuesday, 11 May 2010

I am on YouTube and I didn't post it!


See the earlier blog of Ultra high shoes & Jamie Cullum concert to get the whole background as don't want to write it all again, but this was the start of a great weekend! I am on You Tube - well my voice is at exactly 5.58 minutes into the set, just after the drum solo!! Glad it gave everyone a good laugh.....


The guy who posted it also wrote this: kgndanish (uploader) Hi Skintologist - you are welcome -Thank you! We all had a laugh with your perfect timing - I'm only sorry I had just zoomed out from Jamie's face as he cracked up and did he very best to get his act back together - worth the ticket alone!Hi Smiter1983 - which one are you? 18 hours ago

Skintologist happens to be Anders name, don't ask me why as I genuinely don't know!


  1. Very cool! That's so fun. :)

  2. You are far cooler than me. That is awesome!

  3. hahaha! just watched it. That's so funny. It does sound like you sung it. xx

  4. I know it does sound as though I had, but honestly I hadn't sung it Laura, clearly I just have a very melodic voice!!!

    Leigh & Mom24, you are both very flattering of me and an ego boost is always welcomed so thank you so so much.