Thursday, 27 May 2010

Doggy Birthday Cakes......

Here are the birthday cakes I made for Carly and Marvin yesterday evening for today.....
They are both made from dog wet & dry food, and covered in dog chocolate drops.

The plate is even edible too, as of course is the dog chew I improvised instead of a candle!

Waiting patiently for their cakes.......

Oh, come on thinks Marvin, Dad tell Mum to stop faffing about with the pictures.....

Thank you - oh, my these are delicious lets share in case one is different from the other!
Oh, these are yummy, just drop the plate and we will take it from there....
Happy Birthday did you say, can we have one more often?


  1. Happy birthday. They are super cute pups. Love the cakes too.

  2.'ll have to give me the recipe!! Kingston will be 3 in August. Happy Birthday Marvin and Carly!!

  3. Lisa, I have emailed you what I did to make them, and so glad you liked them too.