Monday, 17 May 2010

At last, I have found true love, or have I?

Just last week I was saying how lovely Anders was, well this week he has turned into a right Devil!............Let me explain how this transformation occurred..........

Yesterday, I spent tidying up the house. The sun had been shining, so the fact that I was indoors was not a great thing. I hate cleaning and laundry at the best of times but it had to get done so yesterday is when I decided to tackle it!

Anders took Dexter and the Dogs out so that I could get peace to do it and at around 3pm when the boys had returned I decided "I've had enough" and jumped in the shower!

We all left the house, and I was exhausted (also because I had had a big gym session the day before and had not been able to sleep properly as Anders had been snoring). Anders then suggested "oh, lets go to Loopy Lorna's then, you like it there (which I do) and we can all have some tea and cake". I thought this was a great suggestion so off we went in the car across town.

For those of you who don't know about Loopy Lornas, it is a really lovely tea house (we have lots of them in Edinburgh), but this one is quaint because none of the teacups/saucers match, but they are all lovely old fashioned "lady cups" as I call them, the sort that make you really enjoy a nice cup of tea. Also all their tea comes in pots with differently knitted/sewn tea cosies to keep them warm...
They also have lots of cakes some of which I find too sweet, but then I don't have a hugely sweet tooth. That said, they also do savoury foods too, and more important, I like the atmosphere there and the staff are lovely too!

Ok, so we arrive, and I decide that I would like chicken liver paté on granary toast! Anders says "oh, I fancy that too, but I also fancy the pavlova! How about if we share them?". I looked at him with his puppy dog eyes looking so sweet, thoughtful and nice and said "ok then". I should have remembered the last time we shared the Reeses (see previous note in "seems simple enough" April blog), but how love is blind!

Dexter wasn't hungry - or so he thought, so instead said "could I just have a big glass of milk?"

Well, the tea and milk came, and Anders kindly poured for us both - how sweet a guy with his big arms pouring the tea into the "lady cups"! Then came the paté, along with 2 sets of knives & forks! It was yummy, and comes with a nice side salad too.

Dexter took one look and said "oh, can I have some too?" to which I of course said "yes" and spread some onto a piece of toast for him. Anders also got "tucked in", as did I. There were about 6 slices in total + the salad, I got 3, Dexter got 1 and the rest Anders scoffed as his eyes were soon diverted thankfully to the Pavlova which had just been placed in front of him!

The next thing I noticed, was that he had inhaled the pavlova! He literally scoffed the whole lot down! I looked at him with a look that asks "have you forgotten something", to which he said "what is it"? I said "pavlova tasty then?" "oh, I forgot - it was great though!". He uncontrollably now was laughing in guilt/embarrassment and then pointed to the piece left on the plate saying "the meringue was that nice chewy texture, you would have liked it. As though that was not enough he then continued laughing in a devilish fashion giggled "I took the grenade for you darling"!!

Even Dexter started laughing and giving the thumbs up to the pavlova and Daddy for his wit.......

So here he is, the devilishly lovely husband who was only thinking of my waistline.....

....the ever lovely, the ever thoughtful, Anders. Must brush up on that Reeses equation again from my previous April blog, perhaps I missed something or maybe it wasn't simple enough!
He says he is truly "vounded" at this......
I think he is a white haired demon!!!


  1. Loopy Lorna's sounds absolutely lovely. Just my cup of tea!

  2. Husbands are always good about eating dessert for us.