Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Visit to the Globe.....

"Marvin, you are so wonderful, I love you very much too. Now be a good boy and stay here whilst I go in and order some food" said Dexter.

Marvin thought of course I will, Dexter said he loves me therefore is bound to share with me. The coast is clear Carly for you to lick the pavement, yum yum!

How can Dexter do this to me, those Stovies look so yummy, please leave me some, look I am sitting so nicely - Marvin tried to communicate to Dexter telepathically! Dexter however was lost in the moment........

Did he or didn't he - this photo looks like he was trying to sneak off without sharing doesn't it? But actually, he did as the portion was too big for him so both Carly & Marvin got what he couldn't manage so all was fair in this tale of love between a boy and his dog, and a dog with their Stovies!


  1. Dogs always love little boys but especially when they share their treats.

  2. Indeed they do, and this one goes both ways as Dexter really loves his dogs too (not that he gets treats from them other than the wet slobbery kind)!