Thursday, 20 May 2010

Converted Saints!

Anders asked the lord for great food (after I apparently gave him food poisoning the night before yet amazingly, Dexter and I were both ok having eaten exactly the same food) - and the lord responded with a text from Terry resulting in dinner at The Saint.......
So, having received a text message from our dear friend Terry on Tuesday evening saying he was back in town from Singapore and did we want to meet up, we said "is the Pope a Catholic?"

The royal we - Dexter, Anders, Terry & I therefore arranged to meet up early and have an early dinner at The Saint - rather apt eh!!! They have a kids licence but meant Dexter had to be out by 7pm, just as well for us as with the great food and wine we could easily have become sinners (oh, my jokes are becoming poor and obvious now....).

Anyway put up with them, and I will continue..... Anders & I have walked past the place many times before, but they didn't have a children's licence so had not been in. But they do now, yey for them and more importantly, us.....

As I was the first to arrive (Anders went to pick up Dexter from after school club), I took some photographs - lots of them, but first, let me share with you some of the decor. Lisa who is married to one of the owners is an interior decorator, and she has done such a nice job on this place. It is relaxed, inviting and stylish.

This is the mantle of the fire, the original stone wall has been exposed. There is a dresser in the bistro which gives the dining area a lived in charm, the chairs in the bar are relaxing and inviting and the tables are arranged to encourage intimate conversation even in larger groups!

Even the loos are a treat inside! They are all stencilled with birds & insects.
Andrew and Dexter arrived first (after me that is), and we waited at the bar for Terry to arrive. Of course, we then thought we would have a look at the menu too to put the time to good use...

It was really tempting. The chef is a young chap who has been trained in Michelin kitchens, and I kid you not, the food prepared for us definitely would earn him sainthood (told you put up with it) as we were in heaven eating it. Firstly, let me introduce you to the lovely Terry.....

Here he is! I have known Terry, longer than I have known Anders, yep I have!

He and I met when I was around 18 years of age and have kept in touch since then. The funny thing is, I got him together with his wife Joanne (which is why we have continued to keep in touch), who ironically had been the sister of his pal but at that time was still at school so for Terry, jail bait!!!

As fate had it, her and I became really great pals some 15 or so years later and when she excitedly told me that "this really handsome guy Terry who I have had a crush on since I was little is back in town and was my brother's pal, oh come out with me to where he is working as I really fancy him"! This conversation was stopped in its tracks when I said "Not Terry Lundholm?" to which she said, "how the hell did you know that?" I laughed saying, "oh my god, if it is him then lets go and I will get you two fixed up, clearly I must have sensed that this was the one for him and for her - and sure enough I did get them together and here they are still together and 2 kids later! Actually, the fixing up part was inevitable as she is/was so beautiful and definitely a girl who gets her guy so it was only a matter of me having to chum her along and get them chatting, which given I could easily get the chatting started was clearly fate working its way for them. Anyway, I digress, and here we are, they are still together, but Joanne is still in Singapore with their two beautiful daughters until a little later in the year when they will come across, second yey!

So the food, well it was just sublime..... Dexter and I "shared" a starter, he also "shared" Anders too and loved both. Mine was the Foie Gras & Duck from the specials menu and Terry's was the parsnip soup. Anders had the Goats cheese cheesecake - all three were scrummy.....

Not only were the starters scrumptious, but so were the main courses and the desserts, and all washed down with a delicious bottle of Francis Coppola red wine which Anders & I have drank before and liked it.

In addition, the service from the lovely Lisa made the evening even more enjoyable, she is just so lovely and talented to boot. We actually met Lisa and her husband walking their boxer dog Kingston who Marvin & Carly love to play with.

So we all had a wonderful saintly evening - drinking red wine, eating great food and meeting up with our dear friend Terry. Dexter is desperate to go back, as are Anders and I - a perfect treat and it is only mid week - yey again!!!

Thank you Lord for answering Anders prayers..............


  1. well my goodness look what I found whilst perusing the internet for reviews of MUMS - of course now I feel homesick! I look forward to seeing you all again at the end of the year. Nice of you to include Singapore on your blog - didn't you know Singapore IS fantasy island 'look boss, the plane, the plane'

  2. Welcome (I did write an email to you about it but perhaps it was banned and stopped from getting to you for trying to pretend that my blog was really a brochure from Fantasy Island!!!) Can't wait to see you and have you in this - as you know, you will bring the glamour, and so, so much more......

  3. oooh, how I miss you and your lovely compliments. However I did make a slight 'editorial' mistake, for which I must now amend - when you first arrive in Singapore, it's Fantasy Island, but after 4 years, it's Shutter Island 'Gentleman, all firearms are to be left outside the gates', yup 'tis true and so much more, I look forward to telling many a tale over a good bottle of wine and a roaring fire!
    Much love, the inmates of Shutter Island