Sunday, 16 May 2010

Trinity Antiques......

Stumbled upon this small antique shop, quite by chance as the traffic to the gym was diverted. It was sunny outside, and from the outside, it had quite an appeal to it.

Anders and I both like to go to antique shops and antique markets, and having never seen this one before we were curious.

It had a sort of Harry Potter appeal to it although once inside, it was not nearly as exciting as it could have been.

It wasn't as full of stuff as I had hoped it would be, and there was definitely a mixture of nice things, interesting things, and well, not to my taste things, but thought I would share them with you.

This is an art deco tea set which both Anders and I thought was rather nice. The cups are expresso sized and gilt inside and we thought would be just the thing to enjoy whilst working at our desks so we bought it.

This was a picture of what looked like the teddybears picnic. It had a real charm to it, but unfortunately had rather a lot of mould on it.

I thought this lady figure was rather creepy personally, it felt like one of those ornaments that might be cursed!

The Japanese tray was quite beautiful, but it was rather expensive too so I didn't buy it.

And as for this tea pot, well it had a Halloween charm to it, and one I think my sister would have liked as it is so odd yet ....

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  1. I like the shop outside look. Fun you found something to buy. Hubby and I go to antique shops a to look.