Thursday, 27 May 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Marvin & Carly

Hard to believe, but Marvin & Carly are 1 today!

Here are some photo's of them after we had chosen them, but before we took them home, they are about 6 weeks old in them
This is Carly as a puppy

and here is Marvin, having a nosey around his parents house, blissfully unaware that he and Carly were about to move in with their new family at 8 weeks of age,

..... and here they are in August 2009 in the garden which was beautiful until they destroyed the lawn!

.... oh, how sweet and innocent they are who would have thought the destruction! Marvin is on the right and Carly is on the left.

and my how they have grown.......

And here they are just a few days before they celebrate their 1st birthdays. Marvin is on the left and Carly is on the right

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  1. Happy birfday Marvin & Carly. Did your hoomans give you pressies? It woz my birfday yesterday (I woz 3!) - Mum made me a yummy liver cake that I had to share with my ickle bruvver unfair!! Have a grate day. I am offf for walks now. Loads a licks Radar & Rio xxxx