Monday, 10 May 2010

Dexter's 1st In-house Kickboxing Tournament

Dexter had his 1st in-house kickboxing tournament on Sunday morning. He was really looking forward to it. Here he is in his first match which he won against his really good friend Aiden (Dexter ended up winning quite a few matches, but he also lost 3).

Oh, by the way, it is not me giving the commentary in the background of this video, I was watching with my jaw wide open and also gobsmacked at how well he was doing.

I was really bullied when I was at primary school, so determined to make sure that it didn't happen to Dexter (or for him to be a bully either, not that there was really the chance of that as he is such a fantastic kid really kind, thoughtful and sensible), we enrolled him in Kickboxing as the class is really professionally run and teaches them co-ordination, strength, endurance and discipline. All the kids are taught to be very respectful, and I have to say, they all are.

This is his first ever match in a tournament. In the video, Dexter is the one all in black with the green belt and his pal Aiden is the one in the red trousers. They both did really well, and seemed to enjoy themselves (although Dexter didn't enjoy it as much when he didn't win of course) but he took it extremely well when he didn't. Here he is after his first match was against his good pal Aiden (Aiden is really good at kickboxing, so I think everyone was surprised when Dexter won against him). Regardless of the outcome, we are of course very proud of Dexter - he did really well...

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