Thursday, 6 May 2010

Polling Day

Oh, if only our politicians running the UK conveyed solutions to our "little" irritations then voting would be easy!


  1. so did you manage to come to a decision?
    I saw Gordon Brown looking very happy on the news and i thought it was cos he was thinking ÿeh!! whew! I'm out of here' I mean, seriously, who would want that job!!!

  2. Yes, Anders and I did vote, but voted who we thought was the best of not a particularly great bunch! Felt like going to a supermarket to pick something to get a really big stain out of a nice piece of clothing to be faced with a choice of detergents all promising to do it but not really knowing if they would deliver the results you wanted! This morning however woke up to see it is a hung parliament although not to the extent the Lib Dems thought it might be. Conservatives have swept the board across England, Labour kept their majority in Scotland and Lib Dems didn't get as many seat as they thought (ended up with 56 at last count). Who knows what the outcome therefore will be as it still a hung parliament as no party got 326 seats which is needed to be confirmed as in power so alliances will need to be formed (but will they?).