Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Autumn Fall!

Now disregarded by the trees
on the ground they lay these jewel coloured leaves
Autumn leaves that once stood tall
On these steps might lead to someone just having a Fall!

Hope not as most likely it will be me falling flat on my bum, on the bright side, at least I would be surrounded by all the pretty leaves!


  1. I love all the color in this shot.

  2. Very cool shot. I love all the colors!

  3. great shot, lovely colors!

  4. Oh I love this!!! LOVE! the colors are amazing! (did you take this with your phone? if you did AWESOME!!!)

  5. Thank you for your kind comments, they always make me smile when I receive them. Audrey, yep these were taken on my phone, I do love the pictures you get from it.