Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Help me with a knitting query please!

What would I say if we were meeting for coffee?  Well I would say that this week it has really started to drop in temperature, and the rain even felt like it had a bit of sleet in it today, brrrrrrrr!

I would say that I couldn't believe that it was November and I would say that this year had flown by but that said, if it wasn't for the blog, I might have forgotten how much we had actually done in what seems like such a short space of time.  I would also say that I was even more surprised to see that the big Christmas Tree was being erected on the Mound!

I would say that I was doing a competition to win one of 3 Historic Scotland Calendars on my blog and that if you wanted to enter then click here.

I would say that having been round to Corinne's for a virtual coffee, and in doing so I was finally reminded to get started on knitting the jumper that I said I would complete by the end of Autumn.  Well I started it last night and it is turning out to be a LOT harder than I thought.  It involves cable and lace stitches (funnily enough, that is not the difficult part)!  The difficult part is it is telling me that once I complete the 12.5" on the front left (did that last night), I then have to work 29 sts as established, sl 29 sts to holder.  Work remaining 8 sts for neck band as established.  Next row: work 8 sts as established, cast on 2 sts.  Next row:  selvage st, 1 st rev St st, work 8 sts as established.  When neck band measures 5.5" bind off all sts.  What does that mean man!?????  If you know, please help me understand the bits I have highlighted in red....

Eureka - I think I have worked it out, does it mean, work 29 stitches as you already have been in the pattern.  Slip these 29 stitches onto another holder (needle or ring as an example) and work the remaining 8 stitches for the neck band as you have been doing with the pattern already. next row, work the 8 stitches as you have been and cast on an additional 2 stitches.  Next row, selvage stitch, 1 st as rev st st, then work the 8 (original ones) as you have been doing according to the pattern) until the neck band measures 5.5 inches and then cast off all 8 stitches?  Have I gotten this right?

I would laugh saying, "yep, I know, for someone who doesn't knit I have taken on quite a challenge, then again, I do love a challenge" (no s*&t Sherlock I am sure you would be thinking!) as I excitedly went on to say "and it used big needles" and "I was always taught if you understood plain and pearl stitching, the rest was easy" - to which you would just roll your eyes and say, "sounds just like you to take on something big you are something else"!

With that, I would then say that I had had a lovely weekend visiting the most beautiful lake house setting and Blackness Castle and that Dexter had had a great school report from his teacher which Anders and I were delighted about - what parent wouldn't be?

I would also say that I had had such a laugh writing a story to my blog friends photographs which she asked if I would do for her and would show you it on my i-phone to see what you thought.  The Victoria Beckham tale....

With that, I would say, thank you for helping me out with my knitting problem, you are an angel, and hopefully that might let me finish it in time for the end of Autumn!!!

join me for coffee!


  1. Yeah.... that pattern would be way beyond me :) But I can't wait to see how you finish it up! I bet it will be gorgeous and wonderful!

  2. i am terrible at giving knitting advice. sounds like you have figured it out. without actually seeing it, it's hard for me to say. you should check out and sign up for a free account. it's the most amazing group of knitters from around the world. they can really give you expert advice in the forums. it has helped me out of a jam several times.

  3. oh, i would love to learn to knit but i'm just not sure i have the patience! love that first coffee picture, very cool. happy wednesday!

  4. Oh - I would love to be able to knit - why didn't I learn when my grandma was around and wanted to teach me.

  5. I always go to You Tube (and Ravelry) when I have any technical questions. There are 100s of knitting videos to teach you techniques - a worthy substitute when there's no "real" knitter to ask.

  6. I have no answers for you, sorry. However I LOVE love love that first image. So beautiful!!