Sunday, 14 November 2010

Scavenger Hunt Sunday was tough

Self portrait of me
Oh, seriously, don't like doing this type of stuff, and not sure I would describe it as a "portrait", but it is me taken using a timer.
Something handmade........
Well, I have finally gotten round to doing some Christmas cards - but the one below isn't me at all, it is too serious.  

I could have gone traditional with candles as some people like them, but I find them too sombre, so instead I enlisted the help of some orange helpers to bring some festive cheer......

Marvin who was exceptionally good firstly doing a Cindy Sherman come William Wegman inspired pose

Yeh, right!

Marvin really was such an angel, he just did what we asked him to and as a result
Dexter got into it too

but not Carly below!  She was having none of it - bah humbug!  

So this card came to mind with her!

No she is not on the naughty list, but it did make me laugh.  I am sure she will comply another day?!

Other handmade stuff - Dexter is fantastic at art and I am gobsmacked by what he can make


 well I like this photo I took outside the coffee shop which was advertising what they sell.  Having had the week I have had, quite apt as I have felt quite dizzy trying to be too many things at once.

with a week of making presents and cards and generally attempting too many creative things, I found this Scavenger Hunt really hard to do in my usual style.  Normally, I have it sort of planned by Monday, but nope, not this week.  By the end of it, my head was spinning around so maybe this picture might have suited better for my self portrait - trying to be too many things at once!

Do you think one of my pictures of Marvin or Carly could enter Paper Mama's Christmas card challenge?

The Paper Mama


If you would like like a chance to win one of 3 Historic Scotland calendars which shows you some beautiful Scottish landscapes click here to enter!  It is open to worldwide entries.

Scavenger Hunt Sunday


    1. I like your style - that was fun especially those cards!

    2. Those holiday cards cracked me up!! I liked the one about Carly being on the naughty list. :) Will she be making one to get back at the boys?

    3. I love all your photos and I think Marvin's photo looks great!

      If you have time, do drop by:

      Psychemage Photography

    4. Those cards are fantastic :) (I love the first one!!!)
      And you're gorgeous!

    5. I happen to adore your self portrait and your use of the word gobsmacked!

    6. Thank you so much for leaving me comments, it really is very nice to get them. Corinne, you are so kind saying that about me, I wish i could see through your eyes as I really don't think that about myself, ever. Wishing you all a great Sunday

    7. I LOVE your Christmas cards - especially the black and white one! You and Dexter are both insanely creative!

    8. I am so glad you all seem to be liking my Christmas Cards.

    9. Crafty handmades and crafty shooting! I have no idea what that photo challenge is about, but I say go for it! XOXO

    10. These are great and so creative.

    11. I love the Christmas card with Dexter - adorable.

    12. This is so great! I love the self portraits, very pretty. And Marvin, what a ham!! Those cards are great!!
      I also really love that image of the cafe with the duo bicycles. Fantastic post!

    13. You cards were especially great! And I think you often take self-portraits, so this was good as well.

    14. I like the composition of your self portrait shot, you look quite regal. I love the Christmas cards! I think the Carly card would be perfect for the challenge!