Sunday, 7 November 2010

Dear Santa....

Dexter has done a draft Santa List!

Dear Santa, Please may I get

  1. Match Attax Mega Tin/Green and collector tin
  2. 3 x Dunnies 2010
  3. Manchester City Shorts/Socks
  4. Auntie Dee Dee to come for Christmas
  5. Fifa 11 Xbox game
  6. Xbox Kinect
  7. Lego i-pod
  8. Lego Camcorder
  9. Atlantis Robot
  10. Secret audio recording pen
  11. Lego Hogwarts

So if any of our relatives are reading this, this is what Dexter has asked for Christmas.  If you are planning on getting him any of the stuff on it, please let me know so that Santa does not double up.

Also some of this stuff I have not heard of like the Lego Camcorder or Lego i-pod, so if you know about these let me know if they are any good!


  1. Ooo, lego Howarts!! I want one!

  2. Gotta love a kid who knows what he wants.