Tuesday, 16 November 2010

"Snowball, take yer photo wi me"

These photos make me laugh.  Weather here is really getting cold, Andrew even saw lots of snow as he drove down south yesterday and I saw the first frost covering too on all the cars, bushes and grass.  When it is like this, and there is steam about, it always makes for adding interest to a photo, I think.  It also makes me think of New York and the steam vents all over the streets.  So when I saw this street having hot tar put on it I thought, why not take a photo of it!

This chap came over to me after this photo was taken, put his arms round my shoulders and said "hey Snowball" (referring to me as snowball) "can I get ma photo taken wi you"?  I just laughed as he said this in his loudly spoken Scottish accent, what else could I do as I couldn't reach for my i-phone to call for the cops!

Was I happy I wasn't the one working out in the cold - yep I was.

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  1. LOL....these made me smile! Love em!

  2. Great shots, they totally made me smile.

  3. The Blue Steel shot is impressive.


  4. Hey "Snowball", you made some road-worker's day -- that should make you pretty happy too. Besides, he looks absolutely harmless in comparison to that nut job you were stalking a couple of months back;D

  5. they all look so happy! You must have been charming them eh???

  6. It's a cute funny story. Hmmm, a photo with you?

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