Monday, 1 November 2010

Mommy's Attic!

For those lovelies who have been following me for a while, you may remember I did a post entitled Mommy's Attic!  If not you can read about it here

I have just noticed, the month on the calender that I took this picture is November - oh my that is really freaking me out now - did she plan this, was she talking to me from beyond the grave!!
That photograph of my Mum has been in my head, together with the post ever since, in part because that post was straight from my heart, and also because today is All Saint's Day and I went to visit my Mum's grave to put a candle on it with some fresh yellow flowers.  My Mum was quite the entrepreneur, and I thought this would be a tribute to her that she would absolutely love, setting up a shop in her memory for me and my lovely Dexter to sell things on!

It takes a special angel to mend our broken hearts.
Watch over us.

Dexter you see has a talent, he makes the most amazing jewellery, really!  Whenever I wear them I get stopped constantly with people asking me where I got them.  When I tell them my son made them (aged 8 at the time), they just about fall over from tripping over their jaws!

I wore one of his creations earlier this year which resulted in him selling 4 off the back of it - all of them unique and different to the one I had.  He was so chuffed at someone wanting to buy something he made (which I knew he would be).  Before I let him I put a lot of thought into how I would manage his enthusiasm as I didn't want him deciding he was just going to do this and nothing else!  I didn't want him to turn into a sweat shop so he and I agreed that he would only do a maximum of 20 a year, each of which would come with a handmade bag which he has drawn on and personalised and this way they would be really special and he could take his time to make them something unique.  These necklaces were all individually named, catalogued and came with authentication certificates as will the others which I didn't know how to market (not having done this before)!  

In addition to thinking about setting this up for Dexter, I had to go to a a professional print shop that all the professional photographers use here because someone expressed an interest in a picture which I had in another post "The Optimism of a Sock Monkey" so I ran off 5 copies in a gloss finish and 5 copies in a matt finish and thought "ok, I will set up the Etsy shop" and see what happens!

So wish us luck and the shop is opposite with the first of the things listed, being The Optimism of a Sock Monkey - rather apt really as maybe that is what we are being!



  1. Oh, that's awesome!!! What a great of luck to you both with your new venture :)

  2. angel mends broken hands,
    lovely message,
    divine yellow.

  3. Good luck!! Can't wait to see his creations and yours!