Monday, 8 November 2010

Shadows to get lost in.

I love this video and song, both are beautifully done.

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What did I do at the weekend, well we went for a cycle, it was beautiful on Saturday morning and we were lucky as we got back just in time for the rain to come down and us to enjoy some hot chocolate!
Here are some shadows I saw which I thought were really pretty....

 They almost look like water being reflected but they are not, they were just beautiful shadows bouncing off a very old railway bridge along the cycle path which stretches for miles and miles.

And here are some allotments (there are a few of these scattered around Edinburgh which you can rent plots from the Council).  They reminded me of the picture I put in my Scavenger Hunt Sunday post, but Boo wasn't there this time!  If you want to see that click here and you will see what I mean!

Blue Monday Instructions



  1. Cooooooool...It does look like water reflected.

  2. Photo shop blue?

    Happy Blue Monday.

  3. Beautiful blues!

    Blue at Spice Up Your Life, have A nice Monday!

  4. You photos are so stylized and amazing! Love them.