Sunday, 14 November 2010

Soul Style and Sunday Stuff

So what do you do on a wet, cold and miserable day you might be asking, well we went to look at Greyfriars Church (as the rain stopped for a short time), and whilst I will post this up separately once I have gone through the pictures, one of the graves I thought I had to post today for any Americans out there.  It is of a person who died on the 4th July 1774, 2 years before American Independence!  This is not the oldest grave here, as this graveyard was founded in the 16th century, 1565 - but it did catch my eye!  More of that however on another day......

Tea served in this beautiful tea set from the 1800's.
After this we went for some really lovely tea in a great tea shop which also sells antiques.  The two guys who have this shop make lovely scones and cakes and the variety of teas is just fantastic.  Now that is a nice thing to do on a Sunday don't you think tea in fancy cups and cake - yummy.

The cake on the middle tier is the nicest Macha cake we have eaten ever, ever, ever!

Here are some of the antiques below that are in the tea shop which you can buy, or just look at.

This picnic hamper even has the original tea set and also kettle which you heat over a burner how quaint is that!
After tea, we drove to Arthurs Seat to take Marvin and Carly for their second walk of the day, as we drove back I saw this antique shop and had to jump out as the window display was just incredible.  

I mean, just look at these boots!

When I went inside, I had to ask about the boots in the window because they were amazing, and it turns out that they belong to the guy who has this shop.  They were not for sale but were used to entice people in.   In fact not only that but they were an old pair of the shoes he used for his Drag Queen act (which explained what he was saying) and he gave me one of his leaflets.   I thought this was fantastic and it was not the response I was expecting which we both just laughed at and made this find all the more interesting.  As I looked around his shop, who did I spot but Mr Puff!  I couldn't believe my eyes - yep another Mr Puff!  This therefore had to be destiny so I bought him and now I have a twin for the original Mr Puff - I would like to have some fun with that!

Mr Puff 2 - Destiny!
I loved this antique shop especially as it just such a lot of character and you could see that the guy who owned it loved it too from the way he spoke about it and the treasures inside it.  He had a great eye and the objects inside it were interesting.   I love finding places like this which are fun to have a good rake about in.  The fact that the guy was also really lovely and interesting telling me that he does shows all over the world just made me smile, especially as I had just seen the episode of Ugly Betty with all the Drag Queen acts.  

So, for those of you who have become regular visitors to my wee site, as mentioned last week, I have decided to do a piece every Sunday dedicated to "Stuff", objects that I come across that I think are interesting.  But given the weather was cold and wet here, our whole day turned out to be one where we were exposed to lots of interesting old "stuff" which tied in with Sundays in the City.  Just to wrap up however here are 2 last photographs of interesting stuff.  One is a Chinese pair of dolls from somewhere around 1900 - 1930 I think!  Don't know anything about them really other than they are really old and beautiful so if anyone out there knows about them, it would be great to hear about it as I don't and I just thought they were interesting.  What makes me smile when I look at them is that they are clearly friends, and being dolls, they must have brought joy to the child who originally owned them.

Lastly, there is the "Liberace telephone" - It just made me laugh when I saw it and I had to put it on the blog as I thought it might make someone else smile too.  Hope you like this and please feel free to leave me a comment it is always nice to hear what you have been up to.  It's good to talk after all especially to friends.

Unknown Mami

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  1. Love the photos. The vintage tea services and giant boots are my favorites.

  2. I can't believe another Mr. Puff found you!