Sunday, 28 November 2010

Winter Wonderland with Dexter and Rovers

Anders and I went with Dexter, Tia, Jasmine and Jo to Winter Wonderland.  The snow had just started to fall and it really was beautiful.  Dexter went on this ride which was a huge ball like that in the old 60's series "The Prisoner" where the balls were called "Rovers" and were superbly creepy!  Once you go inside this ride you do come out alive (unlike in the Prisoner), in this ride you roll up and down within this "Rover" on a huge inflated bouncy castle type thing.  Dexter loved it, and it made for some interesting photographs too!

My name is not Number 6, my name is Dexter!
Orange Alert!
The Rover has captured me!

Yep, he had a great time rolling about inside the rover and did not come out skeletonised at all!

There is still time to enter into my competition Competition Entry.  Ends on the 29th and open to worldwide entries.



    Chasing shadows here and there,
    Chasing shadows everywhere;
    Chasing shadows in the park;
    Chasing shadows long past dark;
    Chasing shadows through the light;
    Chasing shadows day and night—
    Shadow-chaser, don’t you see?
    Shadows were just meant to be!

    © 2010 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Shadow Prayers

  2. Dear Magical Mystical Teacher,

    Thank you very much for going to such a huge effort on my blog. I am very flattered that you went to such a lot of effort to write a poem, thank you.