Sunday, 21 November 2010

Danger, Danger, High Voltage!

First off, if you want to see some photo's I took which I personally really like then click this Captain America Sunday

Now for Scavenger Hunt.  The headings that Ashley suggested made me think of one song, which I love and it has a great video - hope you enjoy it.

Danger, Danger, High Voltage
When we touch, when we kiss!
Electric volt meter is rising......
Great song and video to play to this theme, listen to it, it will make you laugh and want to dance.
 I love it and I think it is very in keeping so thought I would find photos that might fit the Scavenger Hunt prompts and go with this song/video and it's lyrics!!!

Don't you know how we keep starting fires, 

Fire in the gates of Hell!
It's my desire, it's my desire, it's my desire!!
View from above - what is my desire, is it
a: Anders?
b: the dark rum and ginger beer I am drinking which is ice cold?
c: the roaring fire which is a stark contrast to the cold outside?
d: all of the above? 
View from Above - is Anders thinking the same thing?
Fire in the Disco

Dead and therefore cold!

As already said, I have tried to pick photos that go with the video this week I just love this song and video, it is well worth checking out if you have not already.  

So, it might be a short entry this week, but two of my pictures managed to get view from above, cold (ice in the drinks), glow from the fire, electric lighting and of course two sparkling models!!!!! Yes I am having a laugh (or am I) - ha, ha, ha.

Have a great Sunday lovelies.....

There is still time to enter into my competition Competition Entry.  Ends on the 29th and open to worldwide entries.

Scavenger Hunt Sunday


    1. You are always so creative and out of the box :) Your view from above is a great portrait!

    2. Another creative week for you my friend. I hope you have a wonderful week.

    3. I love how unique your collection is. And the last one - is highly amusing!