Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Refreshing Tea in a tea set from the 1800's, lovely

You know, the more I think about the tea I had at the weekend at Anteaques, the more I just think, that was really, really lovely - it was.  Afternoon tea on a wet day, in a quaint teahouse, surrounded by antiques, listening to old fashioned French music, and chatting to the owners of this establishment who I think of really fondly because one of the owners and I like the same things and have great chats about the things!  I can't wait to go back, and either can Dexter as he has taken a liking to quality tea too, and Anders, well he is just such a tea Jenny anyway!   This is my favourite tea place in Edinburgh, and I think it works best from Autumn through to Spring as that is when you want to sit inside such a wonderful little find and it is only open Thursday through to and including Sunday.  So in my mind, I would suggest we had tea here if we were meeting for a virtual catch-up!

"So what's been going on"?, I would ask as I poured the tea!

When it was my turn (being polite I let you speak first!!!), I would go on to say the knitting I was talking about last week, I had gotten my head around, but now I was stumped on crochet!  Having bought a book on how to make these cool crochet robots which Dexter wanted to make with me, what appeared to be relatively simple, was clearly not simple enough for my blonde head and that after several attempts at starting one, I hate to admit, I gave up thinking it would be easier to knit the damn things!  I will attempt it again, but given I was already trying to complete one tough knitting project, doing another was clearly asking for trouble!!!

I would also say that I had started to do some photographs of Marvin and Carly for Christmas photo cards to send out this year, and had managed to do some at the weekend which I was quite pleased with (even if I do say so myself).  This photo shoot had captured Dexter's imagination too as he had gotten into the spirit of it all (not that he needs much encouragement to get all creative as he has a great imagination which amazes me every day).  Now the two of us getting into it with Anders throwing in the odd suggestion too (Anders has a great sense of aesthetics), my head was spinning with all the possibilities of stuff for us to make and talking about this has made me realise that the way to make sense is to write a list of what we should make for who and that way we would have a structure for what to do so thank you for being that kind ear to let me brain storm/dump as time was never on my side!

I would also say that the weather was really getting cold here, and that I even saw the first ground covering of frost.  Anders actually saw snow as he drove down south to his uncles funeral yesterday, which would lead me on to saying "that's the thing about Christmas, and every day for that matter, it is so important to love and live each and every day as you never know which might be your last".  This would lead onto me saying how yesterday I saw a horrific traffic accident on the other side of the dual carriageway to which I was driving.  I had never seen a car having had to be cut in half to release the people inside it which thankfully I didn't see.  They had been hit by a huge lorry, and my heart really went out to whoever was in the car and to their loved ones.  No idea if the people died or survived, but it looked really horrible with lots of police, fire trucks and ambulances about the place.  That would then lead me onto telling you about this other old cemetery that we visited outside Edinburgh which had really old Gothic style graves.

About now you would be saying, "this is cheery"!  To which I would laugh!

But then I would say, would you like to see something funny?  

Personal Rule no. 37:
"never ever say anything negative about someones baby".
Correct response to this scene is:
"what a beautiful strong jaw your child has and isn't he so handsome".

I would then ask "Would like to see my Marvin and Carly Christmas Cards"? or "the photos I took of some workmen"?  I would also say, there is still time to enter into my competition Competition Entry.  With that the tea would be finished, and I would skip off saying, I really enjoyed this and can't wait to come back here, I feel all refreshed and ladylike!

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  1. I cup of tea would be nice right about now! That is some beautiful china. Great shots from the cemetary and very good advice to finish off your post with!

    Erika B

  2. A nice cup of tea sounds heavenly right now - especially served on that china with good company