Friday, 19 November 2010


I may have mentioned that as a teenager I was really interested in fashion, art and photography - not that dissimilar I guess from most teenage girls, eh!  Well whilst I had a huge interest in it, I never thought I was good enough so never really took any of these things further but they have always been something I have had a strong passion for although never really known how to share it until the blog which is a whole new thing for me too and I hope you enjoy looking at and growing with me as I reignite these interests.

So having started taking pictures again (and I have to say I am becoming obsessed with it), I came across these photographs I took of my old dog Hector.  

Handsome Hector

These photos were taken at the beach in 1992 on film and given that I took them I thought I would share them with you which I have re-photographed on my i-phone to let you see them as they still make me smile.  He was a great dog and lived with us until he died at just short of 15 years of age.

Hunky Hector!

These photographs I made in to calendars, I put glitter in the shape of a halo above his head, and I was so proud of them.  Anders was the one making Hector stay still and do what he was told, and I snapped away and I am so glad I did as these photographs are ones that remind me of how lovely a dog he was in a timeless way.  Now of course he is indeed an angel.  RIP beautiful Hector.

Time is a funny thing, you think it will go on forever - so make the most of it.

So if you want to see how our two new models are shaping up then here are some Christmas shots of Marvin and Carly I took, and I am planning to take some more at the weekend as it was quite a laugh!

Also there is still time to enter into my Competition Entry

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A great way to reminisce!


  1. Hector was a beautiful dog. You took/take lovely shots too.

  2. What a beautiful (and patient) dog

  3. Those are beautiful pictures of your dog.

    And wow, what you said is so true. We really do think that time will go on forever.

    Tonight my son choked on a pretzel. He inhaled it whlie eating and throwing a tantrum at the same time. Hearing him gasping for air and seeing him hit the ground was my worst fears coming true. My husband did the heimlich, but it seemed to take FOREVER for him to start breathing again.

    I've been shaken up ever since. Because I just can't imagine...

    Anyways. Way to be a downer Tia, right? Sorry.

    I love your photos.
    I always do.

  4. Tia, I am so relieved that it was all ok with your son, and I can only imagine how you must have felt. I would have been really shaken up too and you are not on a downer at all. I think this post has a nostalgic feel to it and nostalgia also brings a bit of sadness too, sometimes a lot, sometimes just a little bit.

    Thank you and everyone else for the nice things you have said, I really do appreciate it a lot.