Sunday, 7 November 2010


I was visiting one of the Historic Scotland Castles today, and bought 3 x 2011 Calendars - WOW I hear you gasp in amazement.   Yes indeed, I thought that perhaps that perhaps one of my followers (existing or new) might just like to be in with a chance of winning one of these spectacular Calendars - WOW again I hear you gasp in amazement and now are sitting even closer and asking "How, how, tell me how"?

  1. Well, what you need to do is click "follow me" if you are not already and I am sure with the prospect of potentially winning one of these beauties you will most definitely want to!  If you are already following then no need to do this as you are already very lovely indeed so get through - yey I hear you shout!
  2. Tell people on your blog about this super dooper competition (with a link to it) and give a reason why you would love to win one of these calendars in no more than 20 words.  You can be serious or funny, imaginative or factual I genuinely do not mind I will just enjoy reading your comment!
  3. Lastly, answer the 3 questions below, one pertaining to each video clip of something Scottish!

At one point, the Scottish Dad in "How to Marry an Axe Murderer" insults a small ginger boy who is obscuring the TV with his large head and hair.  Can you write the Scottish spelling for head?  Clue, it is spelt like it sounds (but you can be creatively funny too if you want to, I like to laugh)!

My oh my - Mel's Scottish accent is bad in this film, Braveheart!  What part of Scotland do you think his accent came from or do you think it came from somewhere else in the world and if so where? Clue: Just be humourous!

Which actor in the film Highlander has the true Scottish accent?  Clue: James Bond and born and raised in Edinburgh!

Leave your answers in the comments section of this blog with a link to the page with the answer to question 2 and 3 lucky winners will be chosen randomly on 29th November 2010 and winner will be notified on St Andrew's Day, 30th November 2010 (GMT).

I cannot guarantee which of the calendars you will win (I have one of each you see), but each of these calendars are done by Historic Scotland so are of equally high Scottish standard!  Entrants can come from anywhere in the world so good luck wherever you may be!


  1. Hee hee!! Fun competition! would looove me one of those calendars :)

    Here are my answers:
    1. Heid
    2. somewhere northwest of Melbourne would be my best guess ;)
    3. Sean Connery

    my link:

  2. The calendars look amazing!

    Here's my guesses:
    2-Hateland (where every minority group will be insulted)
    3-Sean Connery - he just gets hotter

  3. So funny. I love Scotland.

    1. Heed
    2. Australia
    3. Sean Connery, of course.

  4. Every time I go to listen to the videos the baby is asleep...I am going to try and find my headphones!

  5. Haha...great comp!

    1: Heeeed
    2: The lesser known Scottish isle called Sydney
    3: The gorgeous Sean Connery

  6. 1)xxhhhed
    2)Mel is from a planet to his own so I would have to say that his accent comes from the land of cookooery...he is the king.
    3)Sean "my mother's boyfriend" Connery

  7. 1. Heade
    2. Australia
    3. Sean Connery