Monday, 22 November 2010

If I were a painter, I would paint this memory for this person......

Anders, Dexter and I were in Glasgow on Sunday, and went for a nice early dinner before returning home.  As we were sitting in the restaurant, I of course started playing with my Olympus camera as the decor was nice and it had beautiful lighting.  On top of this I am trying out the other Contax lens that I have from our old 35mm camera which I have put on it to see what results I get from using it.  The Contax camera and lenses are really great,  and I am even contemplating trying film again can you believe it?  Not only that but I have bought some more fittings so that I can try other lenses on the Olympus and I am just so excited about it.....

The Merchant's Daughter

Anyway, enough about the Contax, back to how I got this photo series, some were blurred, some not but that is what happens when you are playing around with cameras, sometimes things still happen!  

As we were sitting there I couldn't help but spot this beautiful girl in the corner sitting with her boyfriend in what appeared to be a lovely date they were having.    They were both a very handsome couple and clearly were into each other as they chatted relaxed in each others company, and it definitely seemed to be one of those picture perfect memories.  Anders, Dexter and I were sitting at the opposite side of the room from them and I noticed them because they were both very attractive and happened to be sitting at just the right distance for me to take a photograph!  As I was playing about with my camera I thought I would try to see if I could capture the girl as how she was sitting happened to reminded me of a modern day version of old paintings that we have all seen.  Now if only I could paint these too (I can't so I won't).

I know how I must sound (you don't need to tell me as I got a lecture from Anders about taking these photos as he was sure she would notice and felt I was wrong to do this and I did stop when he pointed it out.  The words Paparazzi was all that was needed to make me stop!!!).  That said, Anders  forgave me when after we had paid I approached her and told her what I had done (partly ashamed, but partly really happy as I thought she would really like the first photo) and am going to send her a copy of it.  It was as a result of approaching her to admit my crime I found out her name, Sofi Martin but best of all she told me she hadn't noticed that I had been taking the photos in the first place - yey!

Hope you agree that I was right indulge myself and take these....

I don't think they have a Paparazzi feel to them do you?

To indulge a bit more, you might like my Captain America on Patrol, but who is the impostor? post, I like it as it made me laugh....

The Sunday Creative

Turns out the prompt was Indulge!  Well I definitely did that here with this and also some music.....

There is still time to enter into my competition Competition Entry.  Ends on the 29th and open to worldwide entries.



  1. I've never heard this song, but I like it. It's kind of the old world jazz. She kind of sounds like that girl Mazy Gray I think her name is. Cool choice. Thanks for playing. Hope to see you next week to. Already following you. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I love these photographs, the first one does look like a painting and I think you are very right to indulge yourself! wish I could take photos in public places, haven't worked up the courage for that yet.

  3. Hi There...great photos and song...Love Norah...Have a great Thanksgiving...!!

  4. I love Norah Jones! Great song - and awesome pictures! Very cool she didn't notice you in your paparazzi moment! ;)

    MMMM: Thanksgiving

  5. nice shots glad you approached her :). nice norah song.

  6. Wow . Beautiful captures and oh yes for Norah Jones!!!

    Enjoy the rest of your week! :)

  7. What beauties!! Really beautiful photography. I love the one you used for the looks like a painting. Nice close ups too!