Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Disguise Costume round up for Halloween

Did you all have a great time dressing up for Halloween.  We did and so did the kids!

Devil in training!

The Rat King

Pretty Witch
Very Scary Clown

Stunningly beautiful witch


She Devil
Chaotic Clown Caught!
Chaotic Clown


2 Luchadors

2 Luchadors
The Civilised Skull family shopping before Halloween

The Civilised Skull family shopping before Halloween - Vegetable Section!

Mrs Skull, choosing dinner!  What meat is on the menu tonight!

If you would like to see the Halloween Parades we watched then click here

As for which picture is the best fitting for Halloween, you decide, we just had a blast dressing up!


The Paper Mama

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  1. Oh wow, so many great costumes and great photos. They get scarier and scarier to longer you look through the post!

    Erika B