Friday, 5 November 2010

My baby!

As I have done a bit of reminiscing this week about what it was like when my little lovely was a baby, I thought I would post one of my favourite baby photographs of him.  This is such a special photo for me as I remember it as though it happened yesterday, the way he would get excited at seeing this particular teddy come round on the mobile - he loved it so much, the other 3 were ok, but this one - well his face and arms say it all!

He was literally only a few weeks old in this photograph, his body would jerk straight out with his arms rising into the air, fists clenched, eyes sparkling and desperately trying to shout at the teddy as it went round.  He of course couldn't sit up of move towards it yet, but my did he want to and try.  It was so hysterical to watch, I loved watching him (and still do), listening to his sounds of joy and seeing him drool with excitement.  

The other hysterical and probably my most favourite expression of all was that of his "punch drunk" expression that he used to have every time he had had his fill of boob milk - again priceless, but I don't have a photo of that expression that one is not in print but it is well and truly imprinted in my mind and will be with me forever, reminding me that if for no other reason, I did one thing so great that I got this reaction and therefore I did something really right!

I just love my little lovely so so much.  Each and every day have been such a joy with him and I can honestly say both Anders and I think our lives are made so much better for having him in our lives.  There is not one day that has been more enjoyable than the others, there is something lovely and special about each and every day with him.  I know I am gushing, but Anders and I really do feel so honoured to know him and to be his Mummy and for Anders to be his Daddy!

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  1. My youngest has just taken interest in her spinning mobile. She smiles and talks to it, she throws her arms in the air, just like yours did in that first picture. I love watching her come alive like that.

    That 2nd picture is so precious. And the words that you wrote to go with it are even more so.

  2. What sweet, sweet memories.

  3. I just love my wee lovely and thank you for making me smile with your nice comments too - have a great Friday ladies ;-)

  4. Aww that was such a sweet post:)