Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Marvin & Carly are under the weather.....

Marvin under the weather
Carly under the weather
Even though they have had their Kennel Cough jabs in August/September, they seem to have caught a strain of the virus so they are on antibiotics.  Poor souls, they have been coughing away.

The antibiotics the Vet prescribed that will make them all better.
Hopefully they will be back to their old selves in a very short time, but for now, it is no running, only short, gentle walks on the leash.

On a cheerier note, if you would like a chance to win one of 3 calendars which shows you some other beautiful Scottish landscapes (some of which Marvin and Carly might get to roam about in) then click here to enter!  It is open to worldwide entries.

the long road


  1. I hope they feel better soon. What beautiful dogs.

  2. Beautiful dogs! They look really regal. Hope the get better soon!

    Erika B

  3. aw poor things, hope the antibiotics kick in and they are back to normal in no time xx

  4. Hope everyone is feeling better soon! Poor pups!

  5. Poor Marvin & Carly...hope they feel better soon! Love the way you posted their pictures.

  6. Oh - no - hope they are better soon.

  7. Poor little bunnies! Give them a few smooches from me. I love that first photo-SO CUTE! and that second one looks like it's a cross btwn. a dog and a hammerhead shark! Love them!

  8. Nice looking dogs! Give them a hug from me~