Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Virtual Coffee, although today I would chose Tea!

I hope you are well and that Halloween was a lot of fun for you.  Can you believe that we are now in November?!  WOW indeed!  Today I would say, "I fancy a wee cup of tea, how about you? Quickly followed by, "those Macarons look yummy", next thing, yep, they would be on my order!  How about you?

Assortment of Macarons that look like an Abacus, which one would you fancy?
I had a great weekend.  I met up with my dear friend Joanne who has been living there with her beautiful daughters Tia and Jasmine for the last 5years and how they have been missed.  It was so lovely to see them again and on Tia's 11th birthday, that made it even more special.  The best thing was it was as if they had never been away as we just chatted away the way you do with good friends.   Then I would say, "oh, I do like having these catch up chats"!

The lovely Joanne

Birthday girl Tia

Terry the Star
I would then start laughing at the thought of Dexter with Joanne's two daughters.  I would start snorting with laughter  before explaining how Dexter having not seen these two beauties for some time was shy but also very happy at being received so well by them!  Whilst he remembered Tia, Jasmine had been a baby when they left.  Now however - WOW.  I would be poorly laughing at the fact that Jasmine thought Dexter was rather lovely - yes she did (and who could blame her as I think he is) and after dinner she chased him about the place! What she was going to do when she caught him well I don't know!  Being 6 she just looked at him with her beautiful eyes and Dexter just ran!  That will change that's for sure, and even after they left he said "they were lovely", and yes my boy has great taste, they were!

Jasmine's likes my boy!
Sunday, well Halloween, that has to be special right?  Well it was for us as there was a Zombie Walk, (something I have never seen before) in addition to being followed by a huge parade by Beltane Fire Society which was amazing to see set in the Old Town of Edinburgh which is very atmospheric.  Anders, Dexter and I dressed up as Luchadors.   We had a great evening which included being able to take Marvin and Carly with us who were so well behaved and didn't seem bothered at all by all the things going on but they were shattered when they got back home!  Click here if you want to read more about that, or here if you want to see all the Halloween costumes we had fun seeing in October.

As with all Halloween dates, the following day marks All Saints Day followed by All Souls Day, which for me is a way to say hello to my Mum and ancestors.  Spooky thing is, I didn't expect to feel that actually she had planned this in some way with me setting up Mommy's Attic  Click here if you want to read that post!  Clearly she has found a way of communicating from beyond her resting place and if you knew her you would know that if there was a way, my goodness, that woman would find a way - remarkable lady she was and clearly still is!

So if we were having coffee (or tea) today, I would say that this week has been quite a week which has reminded me that friendship and love never dies, it can start from where you least expect it, and can continue even when you think you can no longer have chats the way you used to!  Life is remarkable and I love it and I hope you do too!  If you want to read my poem about it then you can see it here

Until next time!



  1. sounds like you all had a fun and busy halloween weekend! there is really nothing like old friends, huh? thanks for joining in for coffee this week!

  2. That does sound like quite a week - quite a good week :)

  3. Love the Halloween photos! And those macaroons look delicious!! I read that macaroons are becoming the "new" cupcake...they are going to get really popular and trendy :) Happy Tuesday, nice having coffee..er, tea, with you!

  4. I love your outlook on friendship and life. Thanks for the coffee (or tea).

  5. Looks like fun was had!! I love the family costume. The first and last photos are beautiful!

    Good friendships and food...the best things in life! Looking forward to tea today with you. ;)

  6. Ooohh macaroons, delish!!! Thanks for the tea. It was just as yummy.

    I had to look up what Luchadors were. And now I know! Nice costumes :)