Sunday, 7 November 2010

Sunday Scavenger

Halloween was over, Boo was unemployed for another year!  What is a scary person to do when people are turning their attentions to Thanksgiving and Christmas which is brightly coloured and not black?  Then he heard Spongebob on the TV singing "it's the best day ever"  - perhaps Spongebob was right, perhaps this would be the best day ever, perhaps he could do something more interesting than just play with his textured dominos!

Perhaps Boo could see the world differently, "eureka", he shouted "I'm going to have fun" and then Boo started to sing "it's the best day ever"!  Then he looked outside, it was dark and wet, just the sort of evening a shadow could get completely lost in.

Night-time during or after the rain was something Boo loved, the textured pattern that puddles made as lights danced off the reflections, perfect he thought "I am the face of all things scary" he said as he started to open his door.

All of a sudden he stopped.  What if someone stopped to ask him questions, kids especially like to ask questions? 

he couldn't shout out Boo, because Halloween was over and there were strict rules after Jack Skellington had tried to do Christmas!  He couldn't just hope that nobody would not stop him to ask questions.....

If he put one foot wrong, he might cause more mayhem than Jack did and then there would be trouble....

Boo was scared, and he too couldn't believe it!

Boo had to play things straight!  He didn't want to upset the man upstairs......

Found this mens aftershave range in the Charity Shop!
Boo thought again and smiled, perhaps it still is the best day ever.  I can put up my feet, drink a warm cup of tea and save my energy, 

I can instead look out at the people getting wet whilst I am warm, 

With my fire on

and relax knowing I have a whole year to plan next Halloween just like Jack does and think, yep Santa, you now have all these houses and more to visit!

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    1. Great post as always. Love stopping by here.

    2. I always enjoy the commentary that goes with your photos! :) I love the puddle picture.

    3. Always love your post but there was one in the street at night that looked really cool and I love the shot of Dexter. Have a great week!

    4. You are so creative, What a great post and your photos look great also.. I hope you are enjoying your day!

    5. I always love your Scavenger Hunt posts - your creativity shines through