Thursday, 4 November 2010

i-phone Halloween Parade shots

Somehow the i-phone makes the Beltane Fire Society Halloween parade look sinister, but it wasn't at all and this is the last of the Halloween photos.  If you want to see the kids costumes click here or the Olympus Pen shots of the Zombie Walk click here

 It was the Celtic New Year, although its practice far precedes the Celtic culture. It marked the end of summer and the time to bring herds in from summer pastures to lowland fields and enclosures for protection. With the signs of approaching winter, it is understandable that the festival should have a strong association with death. The trees are bare and the land barren of the earlier vegetation – nature itself seems to be dying.

"I got a red ticket, what does it mean"

'Yipee, we got red tickets too, what do they mean"
The red tickets just had odd words on them like scream or gave you a little bit of history about Edinburgh and actually were nothing sinister or special, but those who got them were super excited, and good for them!

Click here to read more about what it is all about.




  1. That first image is so AWESOME!! I love it!! I also like that first image of the scarecrow (I know they aren't scarecrows but I can't remember the name for them...) being held up...I can imagine them being lit on fire and the angry mob walking off to "get" somebody! Great images!!

  2. great photos. They definitely invoke a Halloween mood. I am so envious of Iphone photography, and I don't own one. Nice.

  3. Wow, that's quite a parade!

  4. Definitely 'halloweeny'. So unique. Great shots!

  5. Seems the perfect camera to capture Halloween! Amazing images, all of them <3