Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Beautiful Autumn Lake House

It is so lovely to see that it is still Autumn, even thought it is really getting rather chilly and with the rain and the dark nights it can feel like winter is setting in quicker than expected, but today, seeing this, I can definitely say, this is still well and truly Autumn with Winter knocking on the door!

During this walk we came across this beautiful spot with a lake house on it. Wouldn't it be lovely sitting on the balcony all wrapped up and drinking a nice cup of something warm.

There are so many beautiful spots around Edinburgh and this one is no exception.  Marvin and Carly had a great time running about, Carly particularly was in her element here running around and both of them came home so content at having had a wonderful walk.

These swans were so funny, the followed us on the walk, and when they saw Mr Puff, well you could see they were wondering if it was a mini them!

This was such a beautiful walk, very romantic actually, especially if you were staying over in that Lake House!

Not long before winter will be here, but for now, it is still Autumn and all the leaves are brown..... "singing a song in my head"!

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  1. Oh my goodness, those reflections are simply amazing! That water really does look like glass!

  2. Oh this place looks beautiful. I want to be there!

  3. Such BEAUTIFUL pictures ~ truly stunning!

  4. What a beautiful escape that would be!

  5. I wouldn't mind hanging out there for a week. Lovely. Every time I see your header, I smile. I loved that show as a child. The Plane The Plane.

  6. So amazingly beautiful and your photos are stunning. I love all the reflections you found and the way they take the color in more directions.

  7. So beautiful and serene! I love the refelctions.

  8. Absolutely beautiful! And you have captured it so well.